A lot of thought over the past few days. It's midnight at the moment, and I've got work tomorrow, so this will probably be brief. And, my arm hurts, which is why I'm up at the moment (tried to break / dislocate my shoulder - didn't fortunately. Which now that I think about it has probably been adding to my foul mood of late. *sigh* okay, enough about me). 

Realistically, I'm not going to pull Alien Suns from steam. That's just petty, and wouldn't be fair to my subscribers. 

Additionally, we do have someone who is putting in good faith effort to animate them (!!!) so it would be doubly petty on my part to pull something that affects someone else's effort. I couldn't live with myself if I did that. But, there's still a lot of work to do, so don't expect to see that right away. 

So, there's that. 

Here's a piece from about ... five years ago? Concepting the Nomouku (which currently look different in the Alien Suns mod) for a book that I'm still knocking around.  

The Cake is INDEED a lie

So. Wow. Stellaris 1.9. Dev Diary #92. Reddit rage arguments. 

To say the least, it's been an interesting week, with some interesting turn of events. Way back in March, Wiz made mention of impending changes to the FTL systems. Somehow it was hinted that Warp was on the chopping block back then, so we really should have seen the writing on the wall - I think some of us did, really. I even went so far as to write a humorous post about my position regarding the changes here on Reddit. And, while the post was tongue-in-cheek, I was trying to address a real concern that I, and many others, have about our preferred play styles. 

I don't mind Hyperlanes being in the game, but, honestly they're not my thing. You like them, cool. Coke/Pepsi, Mac/PC, Jeans/Wrangler, and so on, whatever. It's all about choice and being able to experience things the way you want ... 

Except, with the up coming 1.9 upgrade I and others won't be able to. Sure, we'd love to look forward to the new features and whatever else (I'm personally stoked about the border system - I've been using a small mod that I did now for ages that does essentially the same thing) will be included. I mean, really, some of the stuff really does look cool

But. But. But. For me, the game has been hobbled. I'm very familiar with Hyperlane only games. Uncomfortably familiar with them. I know people like them, but please understand that I do not, and I'm not being selfish or reactionary or immature and I'm not "just throwing up my hands," and I don't need to give it a try. I'll remind you, I was part of the Space Empires V crew, and I did not like them then, and I do not like them now, and I've had 12 years to stew this into a righteous hate on for them. Don't get me wrong - There were a lot of cool things about Space Empires V (my artwork for one), but Hyperlanes in my opinion were not one of them. 

But. Maybe I could live with them - god knows I've done so with SEV since forever and a day. Not much of a choice there. 

But. Reaction from the Stellaris community was surprising. Over the past four days, I've seen the community split into basically WWH (Warp, Wormholes & Hyperlanes) and HO (Hyperlane Only) camps. The former (which I technically fall into) want all three FTL methods to remain in  game, but be refined - no one is saying they're perfect, or that one is really better than the others (Ok, warp is really cool, and Hyperlanes to me are limiting, but come on - I'm not asking you ditch your play style). Whereas the HO camp has been ... how shall I put this? Straight up rude* and condescending.

Seriously, guys. What the hell. 

I have been told in not so many words to "deal with it." "Grow up." I've been called a "cry baby." I've been told I'm not losing anything (I am). I have been told to stop playing. I've been told that my point of view doesn't matter. That I, and others that hold similar positions, don't really matter to the community, are irrelevant, and it's been made clear that the Devs (wiz included) are seemingly indifferent to our concerns.*

So. I've come to a decision - all development on my mods ceases as of now. They will not be updated for 1.9, and stand a very real chance of being taken down at it's release, because I'm not inclined to support a community and game that isn't interested in supporting their players, no matter how much in the minority they may be.

Alien Suns will continue, but in different venues.


*Edit: I chose to edit and walk back some of the language in this post, as I was speaking from a place of frustration when I wrote it. While my original meaning remains, the unnecessary inflammatory language has been removed. Poor choice of words on my part, and I shall endeavor to do better. My intention is not to pour gasoline on the fire, merely to clear my head so I can move forward with my own projects - and at times, that process can be messy. 

The Cake is a Lie

So, welcome to the first post for my sketch blog. I'll be posting concepts, ideas, video processes and what ever else here as I continue to explore the Alien Suns universe. 

There will be some posts that deviate from Stellaris. Alien Suns has been around a lot longer than Stellaris has, so there's a lot of ideas that I want to get out and play around with. 


Sat down today to add my first mechanical species to the Alien Suns collection. All went well until I attempted to add it to The Outer Rim. Low and behold, you can't mix a biological archetype with a mechanical archetype. Duh. >__< 

SO. Looks like there will be another mod coming out at some point! Maybe. 

The concept sketch:

And the final rendering: